Shadow Play is inspired by the Garibaldi-Meucci Museum and its relation to the way in which two women’s passions and actions intersected at a particular moment in history. These two women, Ana Maria de Jesus Ribeiro da Silva/Anita Garibaldi and Elizabeth Barrett Browning never met, they possessed highly different resources within them to employ for a shared cause, the Risorgimento - that unfolded in a place where neither of them grew up. For Shadow Play, I combine a series of images with fragments of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s poem on the Risorgimento, Casa Guidi Windows; I selected text to reflect both the particular situation of the poet, as well as political processes that speak to my own time. 

Shadow play will be part of Poetic Action, an exhibition curated by Valeria Federici that features work by myself and Alyssa Casey. Scheduled opening of April 4 has now been postponed. Public event : June 20, 2PM - 5PM, closing: July 26.

Shadow Play prints in my studio.

The exhibition is supported by Virtual Humanities Lab of the Department of Italian Studies, Brown University