Artist in Residence: Political Office

When a local/national journalist, Ross Barkan, announced he was running for State Senate in my district, I did some research and decided to support him. When his campaign got an office, I pitched my idea to be the Artist in Residence in the space. I subsequently made a series of images from my Instagram postings on this work. In addition to bringing some furniture, my first action was to make two slogans (Tyranny Is No Joke, The Future Belongs to Those Who Organize), clean and hang my large print of lilies.

Political Office: The Enlarged Tweet

I enlarged and decorated tweets - for front window, outside wall and to wear as sign.

Political Office: The Planter
Political Office: The Rear Window
Political Office: The Mobile (Tyranny Is No Joke)
Political Office: The Mobile (Tyranny is No Joke,) detail.
Political Office: The Lamp (The Future Belongs to Those Who Organize.)
Political Office: The Wall Clock (The Future Belongs to Those Who Organize.)
Political Office: The Fundraiser Outfit
Political Office: The Visiting Artist Wall
In addition to my own work, I also invited Alyssa Casey and Salim Hasbini to exhibit their work in the campaign office - on the Visiting Artist Wall.
Organizing my own community in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, via diptychs for participants and video conversations constituting a User Guide to DIY Community Organizing for others to do the same in their own neighborhoods.
User Guide to DYI Community Organizing
January, 2016

Sandbox off-site interview (#5) with John Avelutto in front of audience for the Re-Animator exhibition at Bay Ridge Art Space, where I showed the Sandbox diptychs.

1. Propose Curriculum of Feminist Geographers to Teaching Artist (Jeannine Bardo, December 12, 2015).
2. Make introductions within my network: Teaching Artist and Climate Change Scientist (Elena Soterakis, December 15, 2015).
3. Facilitate donation of darkroom for a Space of Escape + Activism through the support of a photographer (Salim Hasbini, December 19, 2015).
4. Collaborate with Community Artist through Queer Activism (Danielle Bullock, December 28, 2015).
5. Find the Artist Community Organizer and make selections within this network (John Avelutto, January 7, 2016).
6. Establish bond with Grassroots Organization that does social justice, anti-racist, feminist work - for all of the above (Kayla Santosuosso, February 7, 2016).
Team Darkroom
2016, ongoing
The Sandbox Conversation with Salim Hasbini about Ig Mata's donation of enlargers led to our setting up an analog darkroom at the Arab American Association of New York (AAANY) in Bay Ridge - in a tiny room with a sink and a door that opens to a rooftop. In addition to implementing the darkroom, I donated books for a photography library and made prints for a Hallway Archive of shared actions.
January, 2016
I am one of a handful of organizers for this march - in spite of freezing temperatures, around 400 people showed up.
The Safas of Al Safa

For SAW 2013, I approached Mr. Safa of Al Safa, who gave me permission to hang two images, visible to the street, as well as conducting conversations by the open windows - on what it is that makes people feel at home in a place. As part of the conversations, I treated participants to Al Safa food with my SAW honorarium for materials.

May, 2013
5th. Avenue, Bay Ridge

For both walls, I chose to make a photograph of a local, blooming tree - as a soothing image for Mr. Safa who misses Lebanese trees, especially cedar trees. These tree flowers hang among his other photographs and objects from Lebanon.
The second of my Open Window Conversations