News Bio/CV
Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV
Above: Artist's Statement

I view organizing as a medium and combinie my art-making - photo and research based installations - with communal organizing, in order to realize the activation of overlooked sites and history.

I hold an MFA in Visual Arts from Hunter College in New York, NY, and an MA in International Relations from University of Chicago, IL. At Hunter, I was awarded the Hunter College Foundation Scholarship for exchange studies at the Slade, London.

Among the places, I've exhibited my work are:
Edward Hopper House, New York Center for Book Arts, A.I.R. Gallery, Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning, Bronx Arts Space and Flux Factory.

I've presented my work at the conferences of National Women's Study Association, Open Engagement and the Alice Austen House Museum as well as discussed it on NPR's The Brian Lehrer show. To realize my projects, I have received funding from Manhattan Cultural Arts Fund, Queens Arts Council and Norddjurs Kommune (Denmark).

My work is in the collection of Candida Höfer.

Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV  Bike ride + picnic + human organizing
Torch Ride, 2019
March 3, 2019
Bike ride + picnic + human organizing

My second Torch Ride will start at Solidarity Space and end with a picnic conversation at BioBat Art Space, rooted in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV

Image: one of two mottos I made as Artist in Residence for the Ross Barkan campaign, 2018
Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV
Brooklyn Reporter, November, 2018

I am Artist in Residence at Solidarity Space - the former campaign office of Ross Barkan that he and former staff are continuing to run as a community space in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. I suggested the space motto: Politics + Art + Action.

Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV
My presentation panel: Nov. 11th, 2018, 9:30AM - 10:45PM

I explore three types of inspiration for H.C. Andersen: in 1819, the 14 year old pauper catapults his physical self from Odense to Copenhagen via an early desire for personal fame, described by himself as “an utterly inexplicable drive;” secondly, Andersen transcends an often perplexing, wounding reality and his asexuality through his creativity and fairy tales; finally, he achieves the stimulus of travel via grants and avoidance of real estate commitments: he remains a renter of rooms his entire life while frequently inserting himself into the estates of the Danish nobility, entertaining with his readings and paper-cuts.
Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV
October 22nd, 2018

I've donated this print for The Art of the Gerrymander, a silent auction, taking place at the Owl's Head in Bay Ridge, with proceeds going to Fight Back Bay Ridge.

Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV
Artist in Residence: Political Office
May - September, 2018

I am Artist in Residence at the Ross Barkan campaign HQ, 307 82nd St, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.
Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV
Harbor Ring Torch Ride
May 12th, 2018, 1PM - 4PM

Between 2015 -2016, I started a local chapter of Transportation Alternatives in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, as my personal climate action and to support Harbor Ring (getting a pedestrian/bike path on the Verrazanno Bridge;) I have now conceived of, as well as organized, the Harbor Ring Torch Ride. For this bike ride, we will visit local artist-run spaces in Bay Ridge and I will act as a Torch Ride Guide.

Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV
NWSA Conference: Forty Years After Combahee
November 16-19, 2017

I am presenting at NWSA, on online messages, real life community and the research of Combahee River Collective and Adrienne Reich.
Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV  Sandbox Diptych #6 (for Kayla Santosuosso), 2016
Alice Austen House Museum
"What's Next for Women?" March 23, 2017
Sandbox Diptych #6 (for Kayla Santosuosso), 2016

For Women's History Month, I’m presenting examples of my artist-organized work and ideas to connect Brooklyn and Staten Island - while hosting Kayla Santosuosso, community organizer. The Alice Austen House Museum is one of my favorite spots in NYC - one of only three artist home museums here and the only one connected to a woman (the other two being the homes of Donald Judd and Chaim Gross).

Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV
Owls Head Holiday Art Fair
Dec. 18, 2016

My print will be for sale at our local spot, the Owl's Head, for a Holiday Art Fair.
Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV
November 13, 2016, 9:30 AM

I am presenting Research & Art on Søren Kierkegaard's broken engagement with Regine Olsen through the prism of asexuality and moods.

Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV
Galerie Kritiku, Prague
September, 2016

I am showing my Bay Ridge Sandbox project in this group exhibition, curated by Petra Valentová and Vlasta Čiháková Noshiro.
Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV  Atlanta, GA
a bad question
June 4th - July 11th, 2016
Atlanta, GA
organized by Suzanne Broughel and Christopher Hutchinson

I am showing Sandbox as part of this tART Collective collaboration.

Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV  May, 2016

Essay by Kwami Coleman on my Jamaica House & Garden project for Jamaica Flux.
May, 2016
Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV  Jamaica, Queens
Jamaica House & Garden
May, 2016
Jamaica, Queens

I'm happy to continue my work in Jamaica, Queens, being one of the 19 NYC artists selected for JamaicaFlux '16, with my work Jamaica House & Garden.

"...This year, JamaicaFlux is expanding its focus to emphasize public engagement and contemporary art as a vehicle to examine and discuss solutions to critical issues in the community. The finished multidisciplinary and interactive works will be displayed in storefronts, parks, vacant lots, sidewalks, and other spaces in Jamaica, Queens..."

Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV  Bay Ridge Art Space, Brooklyn
Jan. 7th - Jan. 25th, 2016
Bay Ridge Art Space, Brooklyn

I am showing Sandbox, an art project taking place in my neighborhood of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn - in a new, local gallery, BRAS (Bay Ridge Art Space.) Exhibition is curated by John Avelutto.
Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV  Hanstholm, Denmark
June, 2015
Hanstholm, Denmark

I am presenting Fjellerup i Bund & Grund and Ruth's Have at Land-Shape in Hanstholm, Denmark, and have invited Alyssa Casey and Jon Henry to join me.

Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV
My essay
May, 2015

I was invited to contribute to Open Engagement's 100 Days Blog Project, by responding to the following question: "Who determines what is beneficial?" Subsequently, the blog project became the first OE publication: The Questions We Ask Together.
Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV
November, 2014

I've organized a panel for the NWSA conference, Asexual Love & Labor, with panelists Alyssa Casey, CJ Deluzio Chasin and Caroline McClave, moderated by Ela Przybylo. I am presenting "The Passion And Occupation of Vivian Meyer."

Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV
Open Forum, Queens Museum atrium
May, 2014

I'll present my project Fjellerup i Bund & Grund, with some of the participating artists: Alyssa Casey, Julia Whitney Barnes, Monica Carrier and Jo Q. Nelson as part of the Open Engagement conference - this year's theme: Life/Work
Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV  curated by Mitsu Hadeishi, at Bronx Art Space
Bronx Art Space, Synthetic Zero
March 5th - 29th, 2014
curated by Mitsu Hadeishi, at Bronx Art Space
The Bronx, NYC

For my second Synthetic Zero event, I am showing images from my Edna & Margaret series in combination with two Process Conversations

Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV  Fjellerup, Denmark
Fjellerup i Bund & Grund, Winter 2014
January, 2014
Fjellerup, Denmark

Alyssa Casey is the 2014 artist-in-residence for Fjellerup i Bund & Grund (FBG) and I continue my food pop-up collaboration with Helle Alexandersen - from a seven course gourmet dinner in the summer without a kitchen, to an affordable winter herring lunch inside one of Fjellerup's historic buildings, Strandkroen. The invitation is open to all and has been extended to people in town via local website and to my old classmates - via Facebook that I have just joined.
Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV  Flatbush, Brooklyn
Caribbean Literary and Cultural Center
December 10th, 2013 - January 2nd, 2014
Flatbush, Brooklyn

A Hard Read - my collaboration with artist Michael Wilson - is part of tART@Flatbush Library, curated by damali abrams - at the Caribbean Literary and Cultural Center, second floor of Flatbush Library, Brooklyn.

Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV
National Women's Studies Association
Nov. 7-10, 2013

At the 2013 NWSA conference - Negotiating Points of Encounter - I'm presenting Multiplicities of Gender, a talk that integrates my recent art project on Klara Hansen with research by Dr. Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist.
Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV  July 14th - August 11th, 2013.
Fjellerup i Bund & Grund
archival inkjet print
July 14th - August 11th, 2013.
Fjellerup, Denmark

My project exhibition Fjellerup i Bund & Grund is supported by Norddjurs Kommune and Fjellerup Kraemmerforening. Through working with fellow artists and locals, I activate sites in an overlooked coastal town, situated in a depopulated region. Artists, I invited to participate: Norbert Francis Attard, Julia Whitney Barnes, Monica Carrier, Jo Q. Nelson and Christine Sciulli.

Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV  Dumbo, Brooklyn
Group Therapy: Aesthetics and Politics
curated by Nina Felshin
Dumbo, Brooklyn

My Edna & Margaret series (Edna St. Vincent Millay and Margaret Mead) is in this Dumbo show that's up till July 26th, 2013.
Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV  Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
May 15th - June 21st, 2013
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Along with 10 other artists, I'm the recipient of a SAW commission for work in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV
Bearden 100

I've been selected to participate in the Bearden 100, a centennial tribute, and have chosen his work, "Imaginary Garden, Tribute to Marianne Moore."
Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV
The Center for Book Arts
reading: February 15th, 2013

January 18th - March 30th, 2013: "Brother, Can You Spare a Stack," curated by Yulia Tikhanova, The Center for Book Arts, New York, NY. I am showing a collaboration with Michael Wilson, "A Hard Read, the Personal Library."

Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV
Bronx Art Space, Synthetic Zero
Bronx Art Space, opening November 16th, 2012, curated by Mitsu Hadeishi and Jo Q. Nelson

For this group exhibition, I am showing a recent series of photographs inspired by Paul Bowles and his hometown of Jamaica, Queens.

The Synthetic Zero events are a series of art events focusing on high quality experimental and contemporary work in different media. We don't typically specify a theme in advance for each event but instead work with ideas that emerge from the interaction between the submitted work and curatorial interests. By working this way, the events reflect back the dialogue and practice of artists involved and create evocative encounters for the audience.

Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV
QPTV review of What If We Re-Made US Housing Policy?
September, 2012

review of my work by Vanessa Gualdron:

Once you nearly complete your round around the space, you come across Anna Lise Jensen’s pieces. A combination of photographs taken in Jamaica, Queens coupled with excerpts of Paul Bowles, a Jamaica native, writing from his time spent in Tangiers. Jensen’s pieces were an inspiring way to end the show. While the other artists provided the public with the different realities of homelessness, she offers ways to deal with urban abandonment and displacement; focusing specifically on Jamaica. By keeping her proposal on a local level, I think Jensen instilled a feeling of community and alliance, a feeling you should walk away with.

Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV
QAX commission
Event: June 14, 2012
Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV
A@R pilot artist residency
April 16th - July 9th, 2012

I've been awarded one of three studio residencies as part of a pilot program at Arts@Renaissance in Greenpoint, Brooklyn - situated in a former hospital.

Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV  April 4th - June 6th, 2012
Jamaica Center for the Arts
tART exhibition, curated by Heng-Gil Han
April 4th - June 6th, 2012
Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV  archival inkjet print
Flux Factory benefit
"Orson Welles' Last Pool," 2011
archival inkjet print

Benefit on December 20, 2011

Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV
TINA B, Prague, Czech Republic
October - November, 2011

Representing tART Collective, with Petra Valentova and Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow, I'm showing Wall Archive for A Lot. I am also giving a lecture at Brno University of Technology and talking to the feminist Czech collective FEMA.
Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV
October, 2011

I will present on my work to desegregate "outsider artists" and MFAs within the framework of artist run infrastructures.

Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV
Edward Hopper House, Nyack, NY
July 22nd - September 18th, 2011

Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV
May 13th -15th, 2011

I am presenting on tART Collective in relation to concepts of support structures, with Julia Whitney Barnes.
Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV
Gallery 51, North Adams
February - March, 2011

Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV
Model Home
July - August, 2010

Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV
May 14 - 17, 2010

On panel with Jo Q. Nelson, Ted Purves, Matthew Rana, Rachel Hardesty, Jackie Davis and Sarah Biscarra, discussing Ethical Implications of Social Art.
Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV
Flux Factory's Inaugural Exhibition

February 18, 2010

I am both a guest and host for this inaugural, presenting "Visit #23"

Anna Lise Jensen News Bio/CV

I've been awarded a grant from Manhattan Community Art Fund (distributed by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council) for my art project in community gardens.
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